Tywone Thomas is the President/CEO of Auto Assistance and has been in the auto industry for over 20 years.  He started his journey in the industry working at Northglenn Dodge in Denver, CO.  Although he didn’t last long working inside a dealership, he gained some fundamental skills that prepared him for the future.  In 2013, he launched Auto Assistance with two credit unions.  Today, the company has 14 partner credit unions and is growing.  The company has launched into several states in the Southeast USA and recently launched the program in the state of Maine.
Tywone started the company to make car buying easier for credit union members, so they don’t have to shop alone while partnering with their credit union to make the financing easy.  In addition, Auto Assistance partners with a high quality dealer network that advertise thousands of vehicles within the Auto Mall that are ready to deliver.  Tywone and his team have delivered on that goal of assisting thousands of members over the years and feel strongly that his team is the Difference That Matters.