Auto-Buying Services: Skip the Dealership Stress

How would you like to buy an auto?

If you’ve ever dreaded going to the car dealership you’re not alone. That’s why services exist that help people buy an auto without ever setting foot on a dealership lot.

Once you decide on a model, car-buying services use representatives to do all the searching and haggling for you. Online car shops enable you to buy from your living room couch.

People hire representation when they’re not an expert in that field and car buying today is complex. Buyers have to negotiate price, interest rates or lease rates, and bank fees. Once you get all that done, you’re still not finished. Many people are just not prepared to effectively negotiate a car deal for themselves.

If you want an expert’s help with finding, negotiating and purchasing a new or used car — or you want someone to do those things for you entirely — you’d consider an auto buying service.

What does Auto Assistance do?

What we do: First of all, we focus on service. Auto Assistance listens to the member’s vehicle needs and preferences then does all of the legwork. This includes searching dealership inventories and other available platforms. Our service will even have the car delivered to their home, office or credit union branch so members can sign the sales contract.

Auto Assistance is a highly specialized service that only a few companies currently offer with an included Member Auto Representative personally assigned to deliver superior individual service.

Payment: Auto Assistance charges a marketing fee to the dealer that doesn’t increase the vehicle’s advertised purchase price.

What to know:

  • Auto Assistance can negotiate the purchase of new autos from dealers directly so members never have to visit a dealership.
  • Thousands of used autos are available from partner dealers or sourced from nationwide wholesalers allowing Auto Assistance to broker the vehicle directly.

Are we right for your members?

Visiting the dealership may still seem to hold some advantages to your members. It would make it easier to arrange test drives when comparing multiple models in person. However the buying trends show this is on the decline. Technology affords shoppers the ability to know more about vehicles and aid in their decision process well before seeing the auto in person.

Our auto-buying program can save members time, stress and potentially thousands of dollars. If you’re serving a member who doesn’t have the time to search the market for the right car — or who simply doesn’t want to — it can be a relief to them to have an expert at Auto Assistance do the heavy lifting.

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